Creating Exclusive Experiences for your Community

Host Live Events and share exclusive content inside of your 1000 member cap Groupchat.

How it works

Follow the steps below to create your own exclusive community.

Apply for an Influencer Account.

You can tap the button below to apply for an influencer account. Influencer will need meet specific requirements before onboarding.

Create your Account+Groupchat

Our team will give you a code to use when you go to sign up that will allow you to create an account. Once that's completed, you will need to create your Groupchat!

Create your first Live Event

Choose the length of your event (15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour), add a description that explains the event, press the Go Live button.

Promote your Live Event

Share your Groupchat link with your community and start driving members into your Live Event. Get paid everytime a member joins.

Do more with Live Events inside your Groupchat

Drop exclusive products/promotions, promote early releases, host your own workout class, and more to an exclusive 1000 members from your community.

Benefits of Live Events

Set your own schedule

See profit in just 15 minutes of use

Cashout whenever you want

Interact with fans in an intimate & controlled setting

Drive up excitement/exclusivity around your brand

Limited to 1000 members drives up hype & excitement

Revenue Breakdown

View your potential earnings for each Live Event timeframe. The longer you interact with your community the more you get paid. You generate revenue every time a member joins your groupchat.

AJ Picard

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