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What is Clava?

Influencers can drop exclusive collaborations & products inside of their chatroom. These collaborations/products will only be accessible inside of Clava. In order to get access to these collaborations users will have to purchase a day (24 hours), week (7 days) or monthly (31 days) pass.



A chatroom that allows you to interact with your audience, making them feel closer to you and your brand.


Generate revenue for each user that purchases a pass (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) to your chatroom.


Your community is housed in a chatroom, allowing you to get closer and interact with your community in a more authentic way.


Send notifications to every user in your chatroom at any time to drive up the interaction with yourself and the community inside of your chatroom.


Unlike others platforms Clava allows you to own the data from the start. Collect the data on each user and retarget them later.


Drive up hype around your brand and get people excited by dropping these collaborations/products only in Clava.


Run Your Chatroom

Clava is designed for you, by unlocking features that allow you decide how you want your chatroom to be run. Such as turning on/off the ability for your community to share pictures & videos.


We give you the ability to block or boot users that aren’t behaving how you would like them to and we even allow you to set rules for your chatroom.

Pin Messages

You can pin important messages to the top of your chatroom so that everyone in your community can stay up to date with important messages that you share.


React to messages with emoji’s which help drive up engagement inside of your chatroom and allow you to get feedback from your community.


Explore 6 different types of channels (Creators, Fashion, Chefs, Trainers, etc) to join other influencers chatrooms inside of Clava!

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