November 19, 2021

New Clava App Update 🔥

New Clava App Update 🔥
Clava App Update

This week Apple approved our new update which we can't wait for you to get your hands on. This post will cover what's in the update and why we're excited for you to check it out. To update Clava App, tap here.

Update Information:
  • We've fixed a couple of bugs and improved app performance.
  • There is a new design for our scheduled Live cards. 
  • NEW FEATURES / CLAVA EARNINGS - After hosting a Live you can now navigate to your profile page to view how much revenue your Live generated. Once you hit the $25 threshold you will be able to send in a request to cashout your earnings. We're really excited for this feature and for you to check it out.

Android Users are going to have to wait a little longer before getting their hands on this update, we plan to submit it into the Google Play store before thanksgiving. We've been able to continue to grow because of our community + developing partnerships with other Creator Agency's! Tap the discord button below to join our discord community!

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