December 14, 2021

Weekly Update: 12/6 - 12/13

Weekly Update: 12/6 - 12/13

Hey 👋

Another big week in Clava! Below are some of the numbers we were able to generate! We continue to help Creators earn through Live Streams that pay them per minute from each viewer in their stream #OnlyInClava

1. If you're an Android user please update your app. We have fixed the issue of not being able to purchase Minutes.

2. We're currently working on the chat issue Android users are facing.

3. We're working on adding Profiles so you can now have your own profile and people can follow you. We will have it where you only get notifications from Creators you follow.

Growth 📈

🎥 Total Lives Hosted: 27
💰 Total Revenue Generated: $63.03
👋 New Users gained: 41

Join our discord community by tapping the link below to part take in the rewards we hand out just by reviewing us in the App Store & sharing Clava on your social accounts.

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